About the blog

My name, Nkenge, is of African origin and it means Superior Mind or Brilliant. This meaning paved the grounds for my lifestyle and my blog.

I believe people with Superior Minds are a culture of deep-rooted individuals who surpass skin color, gender and stereotypes.

They are well-informed, striving to learn and cultivate.
They are poised. Heads always held high with confidence and words spoken with eloquence.
They are fighters, driven to the last breath.
But above all,
They are unapologetically superior.

Through personal style, photography, travel stories, and some café hopping, itsNkenge aims to provide light-hearted media that spark self-confidence and intelligence in women everywhere.

about me

I was born and raised in the popular town of hustle and dreams, New York City. Being raised by my mother, a driven fashion tailor and designer, I was always encouraged to be self-sufficient creatively and professionally. I found interests in graphic design at the age of 11, where I taught myself how to create widgets and profile layouts for MySpace. At 14, I attended high school in Toronto, Canada and found a love for English, video editing and business. Thereafter, I returned to New York City to pursue a business career at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology), where I received my Bachelors Degree in Advertising and Marketing and developed a passion for fashion, blogging and content creation.

With the help of my degree and continuous self-teachings in photography and blogging for three years and counting, I remained self-sufficient through each milestone, whilst attending school and working part-time. I also had the opportunity to work with many professional brands including Hush Puppies, trèStiQue, and Adore Me as a model, content creator, and influencer respectively. If I’m not working at my part-time job or dancing (as sometimes shown on my Instagram), I’m finding inspiration and challenging my creativity.

My brand identity and photography style bridges somewhere between lifestyle, self-love and confidence. I love to make people smile and find their true selves.

If my photos ever speak to you or resonate with you in anyway, let’s have a session together!

Coffee on me. ☺️

Photography bookings coming soon!

Thanks for reading!

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