5 Instagrammable NYC Cafes

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you got to enjoy your holidays with your loved ones as much as I did. Now that 2019 is officially here, the question I love to ask myself and other’s is:

How are you starting your year productively?

I usually like to visit a cafe, get a cup of coffee or a chai latte, grab the best corner in the cafe, open up my computer or iPad and start planning out my schedules for January. Sure, there is always the comfort of your own home for these kind of affairs, but I find the most important thing about resetting yourself for the new year is resetting your environments as well. #ToAgreeOrNotToAgree.

Below, I’ve compiled an updated list (see previous list here) of 5 Instagrammable cafes that are sure to get your creative juices running:

  1. Sweatshop

232 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Known for: Flat Whites and decor.

Hashtags: #SweatshopNYC #SweatshopCoffee @Sweatshop_NYC

I’m almost never in Brooklyn, but when I am, sometimes I like to explore the area and indulge in the Williamsburg lifestyle. Sweatshop has great taste in decor and coffee. What more can you ask for?

2. Ramini Espresso Bar

265 W 37th St. New York, NY 10018

Known for: Pastries and rich coffee made with quality ingredients

Hashtags: #RaminiEspressoBar @RaminiEspressoBar

This place is quite sightly in the warmer months. The photo below was taken in the summer, and they had cherry blossoms covering the windows and a big comfy couch that gave you a ‘home away from home’ feeling'. They’re also very honest with how they like their mugs.


3. Saltwater Coffee

345 E 12th St New York, NY 10003 (Williamsburg)

Known for: Charcoal Latte

Hashtags: #SaltwaterNYC #SaltwaterCoffee @SaltwaterNYC

A small and quaint cafe that offers the best charcoal latte that anyone can ask for.

4. Chalait / Houston St.

299 W Houston St, New York, NY 10014

Known for: Matcha

Hashtags: #ChalaitMatcha #ChalaitAllDay #MondayMorningMatcha @ChalaitNYC

My Usual Order: Avocado Smash, Matcha Hot Chocolate

Chalait will forever be one of my top most visited cafes. This was my first time visiting their newest location on Houston St. They now have three locations in New York City and this one is my most favorite.

5. Butler's Bakeshop / DUMBO

40 Water Street, corner of Dock St

My Usual Order: Prosciutto Cornbread and Iced Chai

Hashtags: #ButlersBakeshop @ButlerBakeshop

Tasty treats and drinks with a view to match? Count me in! This place is beyond aesthetically pleasing.


Have you ever been to any of these? Have any other recommendations? If so, comment below, I would love to add some new places to my list!

See you on the next post!

xx Nkenge

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