How I Conquered My Anxiety in 45 min.


Me after my mind is clear, spirit is aligned, and breathing is at the right tempo. 🙇🏾‍♀️ 

Salt rooms are a form of halo-therapy, an alternate medicine which makes use of salt. From maintaining hydration and improved sleep to balancing electrolytes and preventing muscle cramps, there is no end to the benefits found in this common mineral.

Recently, I was invited to Salthaus, where I had the chance to experience peace in a salty atmosphere. At Salthaus, they’ve combined the medicinal benefits of Halo-therapy with spa elements into rooms, creating the perfect indoor “beach” paradise.

45 min. in one of these rooms is equivalent to 3 hrs. of salt intake at the beach


The experience

Before entering the room for your Halo-therapy session, there are lockers provided to hold your belongings. It is highly recommended that you leave all your electronics behind to enjoy the full experience.

When you enter the room, the floor is completely covered with pink himalayan salt and all you hear is soft relaxing music, as well as the calm humming noise of the air conditioner.

There were a few wooden chairs with canvas layering for seating. Neck rests and eye covers were also laid out on each seat. In case you felt cold, there were blankets available beside the room entrance.

As you settle into your chair, you’ll hear a ding sound indicating the beginning of your session. For the 45min. duration, you can either sleep, read a book you brought, chat with the person next to you, or follow some breathing exercises written on the wall. I placed the eye cover over my eyes and took a nap. As my lungs became stronger and my breathing lengthened, I then fell into a serene state and woke up after 30min. I practiced some of the breathing exercises provided for the remainder of the time.

Ding. You’re done.

did you really conquer your anxiety?

When it comes to anxiety, breathing is a major issue for me. After my experience, I noticed my breathing improved and I was levelheaded for the entire day. Perhaps it was the combination of the salt and the fact I was focused on resetting myself for 45min. with no distractions (phones, Instagram, etc). You probably can achieve a similar experience in your bedroom with an air purifier. However, if you’re not as fortunate and live with roommates, noisy neighbors and/or family like I do, it can be difficult to relax, even when you’re home alone.

See a snippet of my experience below >>


Whether you decide to make weekly trips or go for the experience, I highly recommend to try it out at least once and see if it’s right for you. A single session costs $40, and if it’s your first time, you can get two sessions for the price of one!

Click here to book your first visit!

How do you usually relieve your stress? Would you consider visiting a place like this? Comment below!

Until next time,

xx Nkenge

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