5 Things to Do in Jamaica

If you're looking for that perfect tropical getaway, Jamaica should be in your top 5. I had the most fun there and just had to share some of my favorite experiences with you all!I stayed at the beautiful Villa Bahia guest house for two weeks with my family and since my parents were locals once, they fortunately knew how to get around to all the hotspots of this beautiful island. Among my experiences, I've chosen 5 things for you to do whenever you decide to visit!

1. Martha Brae Rafting

Martha Brae River Falmouth, Montego Bay 19142 Jamaica

Price (USD): $30 per person

A relaxing bamboo rafting tour around the Martha Brae river. Enjoy some coconut water or handmade souvenir shopping at the nearest rest stops and be one with nature.

2. Cliff Diving at Ricks Cafe

West End Road, Negril Jamaica

 Price (USD): Free

Here you have sunset watching, pool chillin' live music, souvenir shopping, cultural food, boat rides and cliff diving! It's definitely worth the trip. Also, there are 5 diving points from 5 to 50ft. so everyone can get a decent experience.

3. Aquasol Beach Park

Gloucester Avenue, Montego Bay

Price (USD): $5 Entry Fee

Enjoy some fun at the beach, Jet skiing, volleyball, boat rides and other activities!

4. Dunns River Falls

Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Price (USD): Children $12 & Adults $15

There are also tour packages available for bigger groups.

A popular tourist spot located in Ocho Rios where you could climb a beautiful falls with friends and family!


5. Margaritaville

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Price (USD): $15+ (Depends on event)

A great restaurant/nightclub with a beautiful ocean view. Check out their menu for their latest meals and sweetest drinks. Thursday nights are ladies night, and if you love Reggae, Hip-Hop, Soca and Dancehall music, you'll love this spot!


If you ever visit Jamaica and want to explore, I hope this list helps you on your journey!

Safe travels!

See you on the next post!

xx Nkenge

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