Guys, let me tell you about this bra...

So this company named 'Upbra' sent me this bra for review and I have to say, this is one bad-ass undie. I'm usually an 'unlined' type of girl since my chest size is rather large however, I don't mind trying out new products that give me more versatility. So imagine my surprise when I received this bra. I was introduced to a much cooler and sexier way of rocking v-necks and strapless styles with the right support.



  1. Grip & Support - Grip can be found on breast cups (hearts), as well as the band strips for full chest and band support.

  2. Pull and Lock - Control your lift by not only adjusting the hooks at the back, but also via the adjustable straps in the front. Hook onto the farthest partition for maximum lift or the nearest for a more subtle look.

  3. Multi-wear - The bra comes with two solid adjustable straps so you could sport any racerback, one-strap, or strapless style. Possibilities are endless.

  4. Wear it by itself! - This bra may not have the same build as a bralette, but it can work as such. Wear it by itself with a blazer, high-waisted pants, and some high heels and you'll have yourself a killer outfit for the night out!

Heart grips for breast support.

Heart grips for breast support.

Pull & lock feature for different push up options.

Pull & lock feature for different push up options.

One pet peeve of mine is having the need to constantly pull up my bra whenever I choose a strapless style. I like that there's grip from the front to the back preventing this from happening!


No push up vs. Push up


The Upbra is pretty pricey ($90+). Now is that a lot for a bra? HELL YES. One thing I have to say though, if you're looking for a timeless and super versatile bra that holds your goodies up for the entire night rather than just the evening, I would make the investment. Besides, it'll last you forever and you'll be more comfortable whenever you wear it.

There are times I wish my breasts were much smaller so I can rock braless styles without effort! Nevertheless, you probably won't find me complaining now that bras like this exist haha.

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Find out more about the Upbra here.

Check out their Instagram for other testimonial photos and reviews of this amazing bra :D

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