5 Essentials to Elevate a Basic Look

Although fashion is at a constant flux season to season and is becoming more daring then ever before, you can always depend on your classic and timeless pieces to beat all of the latest trends and keep you in style. When it comes to clothes, my main objective is practicality before anything else. Just as you'd choose a black pair of shoes over pink since it'll go with more things in your closet (unless you're not that type of person), it's important to have versatile pieces (aka basics) that'll make your outfit choosing in the mornings much easier.

Once you've mastered your basics, the next step would be creating the look. While maintaining the idea of practicality, I've created a list below of 5 essentials that will do just that, all while providing more options for you in the long run:


1. The Blazer

For work or for play, that is the question.

The blazer has been such an essential for the workplace, but over the years, fashion has main streamed it into casual looks, turning basic into chic in seconds.

Other than the beautiful blazer from Zara that I'm rocking in the photos above, here are a few other selections I'm loving right now:

2. The Pointed Boot

I find pointed boots rather boss-like in nature. The sharper the point, the more intimidating.

As a person with somewhat large feet, I was never into pointed boots until recently, when I tried on a pair from Zara and got obsessed.

Also, have you seen the sporty trend where people are wearing them with sweatsuits? I've seen that too many times not to know how much they can change a look for the better.

3. The Tailored Pant

Whether casual or dressy, a tailored pant can really take your look from drab to fab. Depending on your style, there are many different types of pants to choose from.

Wear it with sneakers and you got yourself an exceptional errand outfit. Wear it with heels, and you're out to dinner in no time.

4. The Minimal Coat

Winter is still here, but the bulk of layers doesn't have to be. Consider a wool coat that'll tone down the 'puffy jacket' look, thus providing a flattering shape that's deserving of endless praise.

The less detail, the better.

5. The Satchel

I was and still am a lover of satchels. There is just something about structured corners that's not only business-like, but also prompts a more serious on-the-go approach.

And with multiple ways to wear it (crossbody, handle, shoulder), the possibilities are endless.

Got something to add to the list? Let me know in the comments below!

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Blazer: Zara (Size XS)

Bag: Gucci

Beret: Forever 21

Boots: Chinese Laundry (Size 9.5, I'm usually a 9, but it ran 1/2 size small)

Until next time,


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