3 Steps to the Ultimate Makeup Storage System


The art of organization doesn't stem from thin air. It takes time, consistency and a few frustrating experiences to get there. In the world of makeup, the more you have, the more those requirements become an understatement. I don't have an arsenal's worth, but I can say I have fairly more than the average person. In coming to this realization along with acquiring a love for interior decorating, I took it upon myself to find an aesthetically pleasing solution that will keep my makeup both tidy and efficient.

Here are three easy steps to starting your own efficient makeup storage system:

1. Declutter

First you're going to want to get rid of all the make-up and brushes you never use. I find this step to be most important because storing unnecessary items is the root of all hoarding. Trust me, it'll be easier finding things in the end and it will save you money. In my attempt to declutter, I got rid of a lot of brushes, pencils and lipsticks that were close to, if not already finished. Had I skipped this step, I probably would have bought more storage than I needed to.

2. Organize

Next, organize all of your makeup into categories. If you don't have a lot to sort through, lucky you, it shouldn't take you as long. If you do have a lot, you'd want to sort everything by placing all categories such as lipsticks, palettes, primers, highlighters, foundations, powders, eyeshadows, mascaras, concealers etc. in their respective piles. This is the preparation phase for storage.

3. Storage

This brings me to the last and most exciting step, the storage system! Since I chose to place my set up in the corner of my room, I found a compact solution that suits both small and large spaces.

Presenting the Luxe Acrylic Modular Makeup Storage Kit from the Container Store. It's a system that provides stackable acrylic drawers, trays, or inserts for storage. You have the option to choose pieces that work for you or purchase the kit as a whole. I chose to get individual pieces, and in the case I wanted to expand my collection later on, I can do so by purchasing more.

See the shopping list below from top to bottom:

Marshalls (Some extra pieces I had laying around before I got the main storage system)

  • 12 section Acrylic Lipstick organizer
  • Two Drawer Acrylic Set
  • Brush Holder

The Container Store

Some of these pieces are no longer available, however feel free to browse and create a set up of your own here.

If I were to recommend a more affordable set up, here would be my list from top to bottom:

This would hold a good amount of products, plus the large drawer can fit majority of your collection until you're ready to add more.


The Extras

After you've finished your storage system, the final and optional steps fall into decor. Why not add a throw, some wall posters, mirrors, plants, table stand etc. to spruce up your system.

Here are a few of my recommendations (including some other affordable pre-built storage systems):

I hope this helps! How do you organize your make-up? Let me know in the comments below!


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This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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