Bold or Neutral? Bra Talk ft. Upbra


Although basics are and will always be a necessity, when you have a lot of the same thing, your style can sometimes feel a little boring and repetitive. I don’t know about you, but my bra drawer is filled with neutrals. So much, that I decided to try some new colors.

Sporting hues other than black and white, honestly makes me feel like a whole new person. Also, since colors are known to represent different emotions, it’ll be more exciting to pull out underwear that’s more fitting to your mood than typical conservative standards. There’s no rules to this! It’s the one thing society cannot control.

I’ve been daring lately, so I decided to try out Upbra’s Miraculous Stay-Up Strapless Bra in a bold red. This bra not only comes in a great color, but using their ActiveLift Technology, you could adjust the lift to your liking. If you’ve never heard of the Upbra®, click here to see my previous review!


3 Reasons you should sport a colored bra:

  1. Live a little
    It’s not everyday you have a chance to treat yourself. Indulge in the wonders of colorful lingerie and flatter that full-length mirror of yours.

  2. Save your money
    I’ve worked and shopped at plenty of retail stores and I can guarantee colors sell more than blacks and neutrals, especially when they are out of season. Search for those sales and go crazy.

  3. Your next date night
    There is nothing more sexy than a color and style that compliments your skin tone and body type so much, it looks better when worn alone. Don’t shy away from this opportunity, it’s your time to shine!


3 Ways to sport your colored bras:

  1. Wearing like colors on top
    This means purples on purples, reds on reds, or even light pinks on dark pinks. Whichever you choose, this should help cancel out the colors showing underneath.

  2. Wearing thicker fabrics
    I’d prefer to wear no bra underneath my oversized sweaters for comfort sake, however when wearing heavier linens, cottons, wools or any other fibers, colored undergarments are guaranteed not to show.

  3. Peek a boo style ^ . ^
    Revealing a peek of color under a scoop or deep-v neckline is always flattering. The possibilities are endless.

Bold or Neutrals? Which do you prefer?

Comment your answer below!

Until next time,

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