3 Last Minute V-Day GiftS for Yourself ft. Hanky Panky

I'm sure you’ve noticed since New Years Day, your nearest pharmacy transitioned their shelves from 2019 party favors to chocolate hearts and weird looking stuffed animals. Tis' the season of love — Valentines Day love, that is. This is a day where people either throw a party celebrating their single life or enjoy an intimate evening with their significant other exchanging talking teddy bears. Although I personally dislike the anxiety-causing idea of a naked baby shooting civilians with arrows, I am a true believer in a season where love is most valued — and what better way to acknowledge this, than with yourself first?

This Valentines Day,

I’m practicing self-love and acknowledging my self-worth.

With that said, here's 3 last minute V-Day Gift Ideas for yourself that you’ll definitely enjoy:

1. LingerIe

You know that moment when you put on freshly washed underwear straight from the dryer? You know that warm and fuzzy feeling? That’s the feeling I get every time I get new undies or lingerie, especially when it's a matching set.

Hanky Panky has some beautiful and comfortable sets to choose from, here are three of my favorites (sold separately):


Click the photos below to see a close up of me in the Clueless Bralette and Original Rise Thong set below:



Try out Hanky Panky’s FREE Lingeriecycle service! Add whatever amount of Lingeriecyle bags to your purchase and recycle your underwear the right way! Click here for more information!


Hanky Panky is currently offering Free Ground Shipping on all orders through 2/14/19 in U.S. only. So get your favorite pieces while you still can!

2. Chocolate / Candy

The classic valentines gift that will never get old. Whether it be chocolate or hearted candies, if you want to get to someone’s heart through their stomach without the stress of creating a five-course meal, this is it.

My favorites include Godiva and Ferrero Rocher.

3. Fragrance

Keep your outfit game strong by gifting yourself an irresistibly scented fragrance. Pleasant scents are always a good thing to be around, wouldn’t you agree?

Here are a couple of my favorites that I’m constantly using in rotation:



What will you be gifting yourself this Valentines Day? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,


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