3 Ways to Add Color to your Life

We may still live in a world of black and white, but I’m choosing to see color.

Although I love neutrals, there are times I prefer to make things more interesting. Much like switching out our wardrobes every season or changing our furniture around to feel new and refreshed, we're adding color to our lives in many ways without knowing it.

If you're feeling you're lacking color, here's 3 ways to add some to your lifestyle:

Personality and Interactions

Your personality determines your compatibility with the people you meet, while interactions determine the longevity of those compatibilities. How colorful is your personality? Is it drab or is it fab? Are your conversations thought provoking or limited? What are you doing to improve your communication so that it's on the level of Olivia Pope rather than a few vocabulary setbacks behind. Challenge yourself by using words you've never used before and add more aspects of substance to your personality and conversations that'll attract intelligent like-minded people. If birds of a feather flock together, then be the best bird you can be.

Positivity and Optimism

Having the best attitude towards difficult situations has always motivated me to move forward. Even when things are looking grim, I always find a way to pick myself back up again. Your world maybe grey one day and colorful the next, we'll never known unless we keep the positive momentum going. Improve your skills and become better than you were yesterday. Just as we learn through our mistakes, we will eventually win through our failures. It's up to us to follow through and ensure we stay positive throughout the process.

Personal Style and Self-Expression

My personal style is my way of expressing myself. Self-expression doesn't always have to be black and white. Try something new by adding a pop of color to the mix, even if it's pale pastels, neutrals or possibly a red lip or print you've never tried before. You'll feel like a whole new person and who knows, you may end up liking it as well.

Jacket: Papaya Clothing

Striped Pants: Bershka Collection

Sneakers: Superga

Sunglasses: Soho Street Vendor (Similar here)


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