Upbra - A 2nd Review


If you don't know what the Upbra® is, it's THE bra that will solve all of your bust concerns. If you're looking for more cleavage, this bra will provide that and then some. If you're looking for a stronger lift and hold that'll last you hours (my usual problem), this bra solves that with little to no effort.

I'm so happy that Upbra® has reached out to me yet again to share an improvement to their bras including their new ActiveLift® technology that'll give even more cleavage to smaller cup sizes and more lift to women with larger cup sizes.

About Upbra's ActiveLift® Technology

The Upbra® uses a heart shape grip film on the cups to keep your girls lifted. There's also the sectioned off elastic lining underneath both cups and adjustable straps located at the bridge that'll allow you to choose how much push you desire.

Left: No bra // Middle: With bra, separated cleavage // Right: With bra, normal cleavage

Left: No bra // Middle: With bra, separated cleavage // Right: With bra, normal cleavage


The bra I'm wearing in the above photo is Upbra® Convertible Bra. I could wear it strapless or like any other multi-way bra (18 ways to be exact). I mostly use it for strapless styles, as it'll stay up for hours.

Upbra's Newest Styles

Upbra® Perfect T-Shirt Bra - If you're looking for a comfortable fit with controllable lift. Works great with deep-v neck styles.

Upbra® Miraculous Stay-Up  Strapless Bra - If you're seeking a strapless bra to last all day. Has grips on the cups and wing/band areas as well to maintain your lift for longer periods of time.

Upbra® Swim - Offered in the colors blue, red, and black, there's now the option to control your lift at the beach as well.

Upbra® Convertible Bra - Adjustable straps

Upbra® Convertible Bra - Adjustable straps

Upbra® Convertible Bra - Strap adjustment and hook

Upbra® Convertible Bra - Strap adjustment and hook

It's been a while since my last Upbra® review. I still own the bra I reviewed in that post and I can honestly say it remains to be one of the greatest and most effective bras I have ever owned.

The price ranges between $79 and $90. For a bra, it's quite expensive for my taste, but from my personal experience through the past year, it has lasted longer than most of my bras thus far. In terms of longevity and functionality, it's definitely worth it.

Now I'm just going to need them to create a solution for keeping my goodies up while rocking backless styles. 😅 If Upbra® can get started on that, my life would be complete!

Have you ever tried the Upbra®? Comment below your experiences!

Featured items:

The Upbra® Convertible Bra

The Upbra® Perfect T-Shirt Bra

Be sure to visit www.upbra.com to check out their awesome selection of bras.


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This post is in collaboration with Upbra®. All reviews and media shared in post is all honest and based on my own experiences. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me at nkenge@itsnkenge.com.

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